Children Services/ Local Authority

When Children Services become involved with a vulnerable individual or a family, it is important that the parents and family members understand what their rights are.

Children Services will typically become involved with a family in order to protect children where there is a risk to their safety or there are grounds to suspect a risk. Children Services are responsible for ensuring the safety of any children who have been identified as being at risk, whether from neglect, physical abuse or violence.

It can be the case that when dealing with Public Children law, the involvement of Children Services in a family or in the care of an individual can be seen as intrusive. Sometimes the circumstances of a case can lead Children Services to make an application to the Court for a Court Order concerning the care, supervision or placement of a vulnerable person. This Court Order can lay down strict conditions that you might have to meet regarding the care of this person.

Rights of Non-Parents

If you are a relative of a parent who has Children Services involvement with their children then we can offer advice and assistance. Our solicitors can provide you with advice in terms of what role you can play and we can advise you of the legal options available to you to prevent the child from being placed into foster care or from being adopted.

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